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"Mouth breathing can be a primary cause of loud snoring."

"Many individuals who snore mouth breathe during sleep. Furthermore, the nasal mucosa, which is by-passed in mouth breathing, may have receptors which respond to airflow and serve as afferent stimuli for the neural regulatory mechanisms of respiration."
Aaron Sher, MD

Breathing through your mouth is bad for several reasons, one of which is that your mouth will dry out, resulting in loud snoring.  By one estimate, as many as 85% of snorers sleep with their mouths open. 

Chin-Up Strip is a patented remedy that aids those suffering from sleep problems, nocturnal nasal and sinus congestion and loud snoring. Its effectiveness has been proven in hospital studies.

100% safe and natural, Chin-Up Strips give you the prefect non-invasive and drug free snoring remedy. The strips are die cut from 3M medical tape and made from Micro-Pore Rayon. They are designed to re-direct breathing through the nasal passages to provide relief from snoring for mouth breathers. By simply changing from a mouth breather to a nasal breather many causes of snoring are eliminated.

However in practice changing to nasal breathing is easier said, than done. Taping the mouth shut is a method that has been used successfully, because it forces the snorer to breathe through the nose as there is no alternative. The success of this technique relies on overcoming the urge to take gulps of air through the mouth and keeping the nasal passages clear to allow enough air to flow. Taping the mouth can be very disconcerting and claustrophobic especially if you always tend to get a stuffy nose at night. 

The beauty of chin up strips is they don’t cover the mouth but rather support the bottom lip. The wearer still has the choice whether to keep their mouth shut or not. And the wearer can sneeze, cough and even mouth breathe if they feel they must. The hypoallergenic medical adhesive is also friendly to cheeks and chin.



Chin-Up Strip is a simple external support that is safe to use every night. It has been polysomnogram tested in hospital sleep labs and proven to be effective in controlling the primary cause of loud snoring. That is: "The invountary conversion from primary nasal breathing to primary mouth breathing after one falls asleep."

Chin-Up Breathing strips continue to be tested on patients in hospital sleep centers as an effective alternative treatment for primary snorer. Patient studies currently in progress at Mission St. Joseph Hospital in Asheville, NC under the direction of Dr. Wm. Finley. Patients are selected in a random manner to use Chin-Up Strips with Cpap. Patient data is being collected to determine if the anecdotal evidence is supported by clinical findings that Cpap compliance levels increase when people who suffer with sleep apnea use Cpap and a Chin-Up Strip during sleep. CPAP & Chin-Up Strips.

Using Chin up strips to keep the mouth shut during the night are both valid and effective aids of relieving mouth snoring. The makers of Chin-Up Strips believe the most important condition precedent for health and wellness is to dedicate one third of life to quiet and restful sleep. For those who recognize the value of the proper quantity of sleep, the Chin-Up Strip will simply control their mouth breathing and snoring so they can obtain quiet and more restful sleep; the same will be true for their bed partner too! Our goal is to "Simply Help the World Sleep(R)"


Chin-Up Strips Can Be Used In Conjunction with CPAP And Other Snoring Therapy

Some chronic snorers use CPAP therapy (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure). This therapy uses a pump and mask to force air down the patient's nasal passages. This opens the airway and relieves snoring to some extent. However, studies have found that people who breathe through their mouths are less responsive to CPAP therapy. This is because the air that is pumped through the nasal passages then leaks out through the mouth. The use of Chin-Up Strips relieves this problem. Chin-Up Strip users are more responsive to CPAP therapy.

If you are a CPAP user and you are experiencing upper airway problems such as nasal congestion, dry nose, throat or mouth, it may be caused by mouth leaks. Some patients find relief from these problems by using Chin-Up Strips. Chin-Up Strips enhance nasal breathing by keeping the mouth closed while you sleep. According to the Sleep Center Director at Mission St. Joseph's hospital in North Carolina: "I am a member of the CHIN-UP BELIEVERS club. We use Chin-Up Strip in our sleep lab to help us with CPAP titration, dry nose, throat and mouth. We advise each new CPAP patient to obtain the Chin-Up Strips to be used with CPAP in order to increase their comfort and compliance."

" I belive Chin-Up Strip was the best invention..."

" I belive Chin-Up Strip was the best invention introduced to UK in 2001. It is great for CPAP users who suffer from palatal insufficiency and where the air shortcircuits up to the nose and out of the mouth"

Allen D. Davey
British Snoring and Sleep Apnoea Association
International Snoring and Sleep Apnoea Association



Neither Chin-Up Strips have been shown to be effective in treating SLEEP APNEA either alone or in combination.

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