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Frownies Facial Pads - The Anti Aging Skin Care Alternative To Botox.

Can it be true? A skin care product that has all the benefits of Botox but none of the risks and costs?

Introducing Frownies Facial pads, made from natural and skin friendly materials, it’s a much more natural approach to dealing with deep impression lines and wrinkles.

Applied to the corners of the eyes and mouth, Frownies help to gently re-educate the underlying muscles in your face to assume their correct, relaxed and natural appearance. Frownies, in fact, allow the deep expression lines to heal leaving younger, relaxed-looking skin.

Known as "Hollywood's best-kept beauty secret," Frownies have been used by Hollywood stars from Olivia de Havilland to Rene Russo.

*All FROWNIES products are backed by full company support, ingredient and formula patents, and by FROWNIES worldwide reputation for quality since 1889

How Frownies Works

Frownies are facial pads made from natural, skin-friendly materials. Frownies are applied to the forehead and corners of the eyes and mouth to gently re-educate the underlying muscles to assume their correct, relaxed and natural appearance. Frownies, in fact, allow the deep expression lines to heal leaving younger, relaxed-looking skin.

These amazing results were achieved after using Frownies every night for only 3 weeks. More results can be expected with continued use and may vary from one person to the next.

Continual repetitive motions such as frowning, squinting, smiling, etc. cause damage to the facial tissue supporting the epidermis (visible layer of the skin).

Over time, this damage deepens and cells in some areas of the wrinkle slow down production of elastin and collagen, making it easier for the muscle to press the skin together. Cells in other areas build up and cause heavy sagging at the deepest part of the wrinkle.

Wrinkled Skin

Facial expressions and stress train facial muscles to hold deep lines.

There is a solution to this age-old problem. Frownies form a splint holding the visible layer of skin smooth and flat overnight while the skin cells reposition themselves supporting the natural, smooth, healthy-looking skin.

The first sign of deepening lines indicates the time to begin applying Frownies Facial Pads while you sleep. Moisten the back of the pad with Frownies Hydrator Spray and apply directly over the wrinkle. 

Wrinkled Skin with Frownies

Frownies train expression lines to relax.

It's never too late to splint deep lines with Frownies. You will see visible improvement overnight and continual use is the key to lasting results. Don't think you have to live with deep wrinkles. Frownies will diminish the visible signs of aging effectively and naturally.

Healed Skin
Frownies help rid the face of deep lines by holding the
muscles while they relax and heal.

Frownies Are Effective!

When you first start using Frownies, they should be worn for at least three to four hours at a time. Overnight is the most ideal time. Initially, most people find they need to use them in this manner for three to four weeks, some people more, some people less, depending on how marked the lines are. Used not only at night, but during suitable periods of the day (when reading, gardening, viewing TV or driving) you can expect to see a distinct improvement within a few weeks.

After using Frownies for several nights, you will notice the disappearance of facial lines by morning; but, by evening a possible reappearance of the lines may occur, depending on the kind of day you have had. However, the more nights you are able to train your facial muscles with Frownies, the sooner the more positive results will begin to show and last all day. Some women have reported that applying Frownies for 30 minutes or more, as they prepare for their evening activities, helps to relax and smooth their faces.

Instructions To Help You Apply Your Frownies

1. Seperate Frownies by gently tearing along the perforations.

2. Thoroughly cleanse, rinse and dry your face. If you use a moisturizer, allow it to absorb into your skin before applying Frownies.

3. Gently massage facial lines with fingertips for 10 seconds to stimulate circulation.

4. Moisten the shiny side of Frownies with Frownies Hydrator Spray or water to activate the vegetable-based adhesive.

5. Using two fingers of one hand, smooth your skin while pressing Frownies with the fingers of your other hand. Hold in place until pad adheres. Leave on for a minimum of three hours, but preferably overnight.

6. To remove, thoroughly soak pads to release adhesive.

Frownies should be worn every day for 30 days to effectively retrain the facial muscles. After the 30 day period, continue to use Frownies four or more times per week to maintain your more youthful appearance.



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