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Eliminating body odor is a major concern for many people especially with our hot, humid weather. Lafe’s Natural & Organic Deodorants features a botanical blend that brings together wholesome and natural ingredients for a safer, more effective product. We also understand your concern about the various synthetic chemicals present in many deodorizers. This is why the Lafe’s Organic Deodorant line was created for you. 

How Do Lafe’s Deodorants work?

Body odor is caused by dead bacteria that accumulates on your skin and releases that ‘sweaty’ smell.Instead of using excessive perfumes and skin-irritating chemicals, Lafe’s deodorants makes use of natural antibacterial agents that kills the bacteria and prevents odor. This way, you can feel confident and fresh all day.

Made With 71% Certified Organic Ingredients

Lafe’s deodorants are made with USDA-certified organic ingredients with natural preservatives to ensure shelf life and freshness. There are no chemical-based elements of any kind in Lafe’s deodorants. Mineral salts, hemp oil and aloe vera are combined for a one-of-a-kind formula that zaps away body odor woes and leaves you with a fresh scent.

Contains No Dangerous Chemicals Or Preservatives

Did you know that many deodorants contain synthetic compounds that are potential health hazards? One such chemical is aluminum chlorhydrate, a chemical that is known to be able to reach the fragile environment in your brain! Lafe’s deodorants do not contain:

  • Parabens (a synthetic, chemical preservative)
  • Aluminum chlorhydrate
  • Petroleum-based chemicals
  • Artificial fragrances

Lafe’s deodorants are completely natural and safe for you to use.

What Are The Products Available For Purchase?

Currently, we carry Lafe’s Natural Hemp Oil Roll-On Deodorant in unscented as well as Lafe’s Deodorant Spray with Aloe Vera.

All day protection naturally!For twenty-four hour freshness and confidence.

  • One-of-a-kind all natural formula
  • Aloe vera and hemp oil work together to soften your skin
  • Mineral salts kill bacteria that cause odor
  • Will not stain your clothes or leave residue
  • Available in unscented

Lafe’s Natural Hemp Oil Roll-On Deodorant - Unscented  


Purified water,
potassium alum (mineral salts), polyquaternium-10,
organic Hyssopus Officinalis (hyssop) extract,
certified organic Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera) extract, certified organic Cannabis Sativa (Hemp) oil,
Citrus Grandis (grapefruit) seed extract.

This product sells at RM23.90 for 89ml.

Lafe's Deodorant Spray with Aloe Vera

Ingredients: Purified water (aqua),
potassium alum (mineral salts),
certified organic Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera) extract.

This product sells at RM23.90 for 118ml and RM33.90 for 237ml.

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