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Q: Has the deodorant been tested for effectiveness?
A: We know that mineral salts have been used for thousands of years as an astringent and an antibacterial. Salts have antibacterial and germ killing properties. The deodorant works to eliminate the cause of body odor, which is bacteria.

Q: Would you recommend this product for someone with a strong body odor?
A: Yes, both the roll-on and spray have strong antibacterial agents to help eliminate body odor. 

Q: What is hemp oil?
A: Hemp oil is processed from the seeds of the hemp plant. Hemp plants are ecologically friendly and are naturally pest-resistant, which means hemp oil is natural and free of pesticides. It is well known for its ability to penetrate skin for excellent moisturization. Read more about the benefits of hemp here

Q: Can you explain the ‘what goes on your body, goes in your body’ motto?
A: The reason why personal care products work is because they are designed to penetrate to the cellular level. They go beneath your skin, into your body – think about all the chemicals in shampoos, deodorants, moisturizers. Everything they contain is going to be absorbed by your body.
Lafe’s is completely committed to avoiding anything unnatural that may harm you in the long-term. Our ingredients are chosen carefully for their beneficial properties, tested and certified by a third-party. If it’s not natural, it’s not in our products.

Q: Your deodorants are only 71% organic. What are the non-organic ingredients and why do you have them?
A: Some ingredients in the products are completely natural, but cannot be classified as organic compounds. Mineral salts are minerals, which come naturally from the earth; it is not classed as organic because all minerals are inorganic. The formulations use a thickening agent that is natural but not organic. There are also some oils that cannot be obtained organically.

Q: What’s the difference between the baby oil and baby lotion? Can we use the lotion for diaper rash?
A:  Both the lotion and oil work to replenish the natural oils in your baby’s skin. The difference is how they are applied. The lotion is easily absorbed into the skin without massaging. The oil is intended for a massage application, which is beneficial for babies.
     It is not recommended to use the lotion for diaper rash. Diaper rash ointments have medicinal properties which promote healing and seal moisture into the skin.

Q: What if my baby accidentally swallows the baby products? What are the risks?
A: The baby will probably experience some stomach problems if they manage to drink the entire bottle. However there are no risks of poisoning, since the ingredients are organic and natural.

Q: Would the baby insect repellent work for adults too?
A: Yes, it works just as well for grown-ups and children.

Q: I’m constantly exposed to insects; it is risky if I use it very often?
A: No, geranium oil is safe. There are no known side-effects or health problems due to its use.

Q: Some of your products are not certified organic even though the organic ingredient percentage is high.
A: The USDA NOP green seal is meant to certify food, and does not allow the use of any preservatives. The baby lotion is 95% certified organic, but has an organic preservative for a three year shelf life. Most of the deodorants are over 70% certified organic, but for the USDA NOP certification products must contain a minimum of 95% organic ingredients.
     Lafe’s is the only company that relies on third party certification for all its products. So if our label says that it’s certified organic, rest assured that the products have been tested and approved by an independent, government-sanctioned laboratory.

Q: Are there other brands like yours that offer certified organic products?
A: I do not know of a brand whose products are both USDA NOP certified organic and packaged in baby-safe plastics. There are brands that has natural products such as Earth Mama Angel Baby, Burt’s Bees, California Baby and Jason. However they do not offer certified organic formulations, and they do not use BPA-free packaging.

Q: What makes you stand out from these others you mentioned?
A:  This is why we make the cut when it comes to superior standards in skincare:

  • Clean, safe formulations that do not include parabens, propylene glycol or synthetic preservatives
  • Higher organic elements with third party certification (such as the USDA NOP)
  • Adopting new health-conscious trends in packaging, such as the baby-safe plastics for the babycare line
  • Supporting fragrance free and perfuming with essential oils, rather than synthetic fragrances

Q: Do you offer trial packs or samples?
A: Currently we do not provide these.

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