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100% NATURAL and ORGANIC Hair Remover

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MOOM® Natural and Organic Hair Remover - Nourishes Skin while Removing Unwanted Hair.

MOOM® is the 100% natural and organic hair remover provides you the most protective and effective way to remove the unwanted hair. MOOM® consists of all natural ingredients that are beneficial to the skin. The skin acts as a receptor to absorb all the materials that you put on your skin including all the chemical substances such as hair remover waxes (resins, artificial fragrances, chemicals and wax). Therefore, using the hair remover wax will cause some infection such as itchiness, irritation, redness of the skin, burns and rash break-outs.

MOOM® can help you wholly avoid all the skin infections. Moreover, MOOM® can absolutely take care of your skin by providing you softer, smoother, younger and moisturized skin. This is because MOOM® is made by organic botanical ingredients that are beneficial to the skin.

The uniqueness of MOOM® is sugar-based and MOOM® is applicable to all skin types but especially for sensitive skin. Sugaring acts as a natural preservative that remove hairs from the roots without damaging the skin surface.

MOOM® Natural and Organic Hair Removal Range

MOOM® Certified Organic Sugar Pro (For Professional Use Only)

A Natural Product That Actually Works.

Transport your clients to a rose garden with our unique 100% Certified Organic Professional Aromatherapy Hair Removal System.

Kit contains:

  • One 12 oz (345 g) jar of MOOM® Sugar Pro

MOOM® Organic Hair Removal Kit with Tea Tree (Classic)

Sweet Natural Alternative To Shaving And Waxing.

This kit includes all you need for a surprisingly refreshing hair removal!

  • 6 oz. (170 g) 100% Natural Hair Remover
  • 18 washable, reusable fabric strips
  • 4 wooden applicators

MOOM® Organic Hair Removal Face/Travel Kit

Mini Kit For Face, Travel & First Trial.

Kit contains:

  • 1.6 oz. (45 g) MOOM® Nourishing Hair Remover
  • 6 small fabric strips
  • 2 small applicator


The MOOM® Difference - Better Than Wax...

The MOOM® Difference
Normal Wax
Sugar-based & water-solubility
No irritation or redness
Natural organic ingredients & chemical-free
Good for sensitive skin/ areas
Painless & gentle to the skin
Convenient & easy to clean up
Good sanitary - no bacteria growth
Tempered glass jars can be warmed in the microwave or hot water

Remove hairs by considering the health and the beauty of skin with MOOM®

Instructions for you to prepare and apply MOOM®.

  1. Warm MOOM® to honey consistency by placing the open jar of MOOM® in centre of microwave and heat it for 10 seconds at a time. always test temperature before use. If you do not have microwave, you can put the MOOM®'s container in a pot of hot water to heat it. (remember not to over heat it as MOOM® will lose it function and will cause serious burns on your skin)
  2. MUST clean and dry your skin thoroughly before applying MOOM® to avoid any dirt, lotions or makeup.
  3. Apply a thin layer of MOOM® on the area, immediately place the MOOM® fabric strip on top, leaving the end of the strip for you to peel off later.
  4. Rub the fabric strip three times. Hold the end of the fabric strip and quickly peel in the opposite direction of your hair growth. Keep the strip as close to the skin as possible.
  5. Just use water to clean the area and towel dry.
  6. If MOOM® is applied in the wrong area simply wash it off, pad dry the skin and apply again.

Helpful Hints:

  1. Do not use on sunburned, irritated and injured skin.
  2. Do a test on a skin area with MOOM®. If no irritation occurs, continue with other areas.
  3. Always test the temperature of MOOM® before use it.
  4. You should not exceed the temperature of 110 ° F while warming MOOM®.
  5. Do not pull the strip up and away from the skin.
  6. Always keep the skin taut during hair removal.

Natural and Organic Ingredients that are beneficial to your skin

Chamomile, renowned from the time of the Ancient Egyptians as a miracle herb for its healing and beneficial properties, this omnipotent herb is an excellent anti-inflammatory and effective soothing agent.
Tea Tree Oil is soothing, fungicide and disinfecting. It has anti-inflammatory, analgesic (pain - killing), and cicatrizing (wound - healing) qualities.
Sugar is added for its adhesive qualities. It also a natural preservative.
Lemon is antiseptic skin-enhancer. It is the most remarkable fruit for maintaining and promoting vitality.
Water forms the natural base for MOOM® Organic 100% Natural Hair Removal.

People are increasing aware of the dangers of chemical ingredients that will cause a lot of infection. Therefore, they are demanding products that contain only natural and organic ingredients. MOOM® is able to fulfill you wish as MOOM® only uses botanical ingredients which are beneficial to the skin. Additionally, MOOM® helps to take care of your skin after removing unwanted hairs by providing you the smoother and younger skin and a moisturized feel.


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