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tua 360 bodyshaping belt
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The Fast and Easy Way to Slim and Tone Your Body with TUA 360° BodyShaping Belt.

Tone and flatten your bulging stomach. Get rid of cellulite-ridden thighs. Now you can get slim sexy thighs, nice curvy hips and tight lifted butt, flat and toned abs and firm lifted breasts- with one belt – while doing your favorite activities! TUA 360° is specifically designed for a woman's body, to give you the body you desire - quickly and easily! 

Are you tired of weight loss and slimming diets that let you down?
Do you wish you could lose unwanted pounds and inches for good?
Are you sick of going to the gym every single day just to make sure you “worked out” but still sporting a fat belly, flabby thighs, buttocks and breasts?
Have you tried the slimming belts that put you through vigorous and uncomfortable vibrating and heating but did not produce satisfactory results?

There are hundreds of weight loss products available today. You may have already tried several and been disappointed with the results. Unfortunately, there still are not any Miracle Pills out there that will magically melt away 100 pounds of fat overnight.

Plastic wraps, creams, massages, rollers or vibrating slimming belts won't reduce body fat (sometimes called cellulite) either. These treatments usually force fluid out of the tissues of the area being worked, so the size of the abdominal area, arm, hip or thigh is smaller just after treatment. However, they return to normal soon afterwards, as fluid returns to the area.

At muscular level, regular exercise increases muscle strength and tone, enhancing irrigation to the exercised body parts and thus oxygenating them. This effect persists for some time after physical activity, and is accumulative. This causes a better fat-burner response, enhancing the process of fat oxidation.

Exercise keeps your body burning fat not just during your workout, but for hours afterward. This is known as "after-burn." Exercising the muscles will also increase their 'tone'. Muscle tone is the firmness of a muscle when it is at rest, or its ability to hold its shape and not sag with gravity. Isolation exercises will give your muscles this firmness and shape. The more muscles you exercise, the firmer and more definite they'll become.

With today’s hectic lifestyle, time is limited. Picture this: You're on a business trip, tired from a hard day, or just too busy to go to the gym. So how do you tighten, tone, reshape, and firm thighs, buttocks and abs to give you a slimmer appearance?

Why not lose weight the fast and easy way? Without exercising or dieting, TUA 360°will help you get slim and firm fast.

TUA 360° BodyShaping Belt is all it takes to target every inch of your body!  Best of all, you can use it while doing your favourite activities - reading a book, meditation or watching television.

With TUA 360° you can have the benefits of "going to the gym" no matter where you are. Use it at the privacy of your home or office, you can still have your daily workout while you sit, and read or watch TV, catching up paperwork, surfing the net or talking on the telephone WITHOUT having to expend any more energy!

tua 360

TUA 360° BodyShaping Belt can help you achieve

  • Sleek, curvy outer thighs and lean, beautiful hips!
  • Sculpt long, lean, sexy inner thighs, faster than ever before! 
  • Sculpts the front of your thighs, the back of your thighs, lifts your butts and shapes your calves!
  • Firm your abs and lose your love handles!
  • Keep your breast toned and firm!
  • And get rid of orange-peel (cellulites) thighs!

TUA 360° The Professional Home BodyShaping System that Slims, Firms, and Tones Your Whole Body.

It is the latest new non-surgical fat and cellulite reduction belt that help remove your unwanted curves and help redefine your body in no-time. TUA 360° will help you target specific areas like: flabby thighs, saddle bags, stomach and abs, sagging breast and buttocks.
The fastest and easiest way to slim down and lose weight. No dangerous starvation diets. No time consuming exercises. No nasty diet foods.

The TUA 360° BodyShaping Belt is the 21st century way of getting into shape that suits your busy lifestyle. It does not depend upon weather, availability of facilities or tremendous effort on your part to get and keep you in shape. Scientifically developed and clinically tested, TUA 360° is a relaxing way to tone up your muscular system. There has never been an easier way to combat cellulite or toning your thighs and flattening your tummy.

TUA 360° operates according to the principle of electrostimulation or electrical impulses (More on electrostimulation) through electrodes applied to the skin, on the muscles, which contract rhythmically and perform real and true physical exercise. The muscular exercise produced by electro-stimulation is particularly effective as it can be intense and selectively targeted towards individual groups of muscles (something hard to achieve through active physical exercise) and it penetrates deep into the body to exercise the muscles. It is a practical belt, utilizing the innovative and patented ROTOFIT system. (What is this?)   

100% made in Italy, TUA 360° is safe and in conformity with the most stringent international safety standards, covered by major quality marks. It is completely portable, lightweight and compact and can be carried with you to use wherever you are.

The reason why TUA 360° stands out is because there are many advantages to the set that aren’t offered by other body toning systems.

TUA 360° is designed for
1.         Slimming, toning and flattening the tummy;
2.         Firming and lifting the breasts;
3.         Firming, shaping and strongly lifting the buttocks;
4.         Combating localized cellulite and slimming and toning the thighs;
5.         Relaxing and toning all of the muscular system as well.

tua 360 electrostimulation

Using Electrostimulation to Maximise Your Workout to Treat Fat, Flabby Body and Cellulite.

Introducing TUA 360? non-surgical body lift and inch loss technology! Excellent results for localized or whole body slimming and firming. Turn flabby, untoned abdomen, thighs, calves, breasts, buttock muscles into toned, tighter muscles. It’s Fast. Easy. And Painless. Get a firmer bum, tummy and thighs today.

Electrostimulation is a very safe and simple procedure, in which micro currents are applied to the muscle fibers of a treated area, stimulating them and making them work. The stimulation creates huge energy demand in the muscles. To satisfy this demand, muscles utilize surrounding fats as the source of energy, burning them the same as they do during a regular workout.

Basically, Electrostimulation is an extensive fitness therapy. As a result of Electrostimulation treatments, muscles and skin become tight and fats are eliminated. Besides firming muscles and burning fat, which results in an incredible loss of inches, electro stimulation also increases metabolism, fluid circulation and oxygenation of a treated area, making it a very effective tool for anti-cellulite treatment.

For those of you who dislike exercise, this method increases metabolic rate immediately, and can be seen to work by your inch loss at the first session. It leaves your body slimmer, firmer, more youthful, and improves your endurance. This method can prove particularly beneficial to those of you who have water retention or have cellulite.

Electrostimulation treatment programs, which are received mostly by women in world beauty centres, increasing in popularity with men also, provide what it is not possible to get by dieting, going to fitness centers, jogging or using portable electro stimulators: a boost in body-shaping results.

Your problem areas, until now will regain the attractive freshness of a perfect shape. TUA 360? is designed to fulfill all your needs.

  • Flat and well toned abdominal area
  • Curvy hips
  • Toned and slim thighs
  • Firm and tone buttocks
  • Firm and lifted breasts
  • Curved and toned in all the right places
  • Shed inches reduce pant size in 7 sessions.

Benefits and advantages of Electrostimulation for anti-cellulite treatment, inch loss, lifts and body shaping.

1. Selective stimulation of the muscle group or one of its parts
By positioning the electrodes correctly on the different muscle areas, a specific stimulation can be achieved on the selected muscle, with minimum effect on adjacent muscles. Hence TUA 360 let you target your problem are: belly fat, love handles, flabby thighs, sagging breasts and butt.

2. Maximum recruitment of muscle fibers and absence of general organic tiredness.
By setting adequate current intensity values, maximum effect can be achieved as regards to have so-called muscle fiber recruitment, otherwise so hard to obtain by means of normal voluntary contractions. Example: Hold your arm down with your other hand. Now pull against that hand for ten seconds. Feel the burn and tightness in your arm. Try that for 5 minutes and you will start to get tired. Electrostimulation have the same effect without reducing the intensity.

3. Absence of load on the joints.
Exercising with electrostimulation completely prevents any stress or loads on the cartilage, bone structure and spine, thereby preventing any inflammation or ailments that often restrict physical exercise on the part of both sedentary and active persons. You cannot strain or sprain your muscles by overworking them with your TUA 360? because the feeling is more like a pleasant tingling sensation than a shock or jolt.

rotofit system To achieve deep and effective muscle stimulation, it is most important that the muscle groups be exercised taking into account their shape, size and position.
ROTOFIT is the patented system for immediately positioning the electrode pairs on the various muscle groups according to their natural anatomy.


The electrodes in each pair slide along the flexible support clip, to move them closer together or farther apart.
The sliding, distance adjustable electrode pairs can be rotated on their pivot to any angle.
ROTOFIT is curved to adapt to the curved parts of the body and flexible to adapt to the flat parts.
The electrode pairs slide back and forth on their strap, to vary the distance between them.


The TUA 360? BodyShaping Belt contains:

  • 1 belt with 2 pairs of electrodes (Rotofit System)
  • 1 adjustable extension with a Velcro fastener
  • 1 water sprayer
  • 1 spare sponge kit
  • Demo DVD
  • 1 9V Alkaline battery
  • Operational manual

Instructions of using TUA 360?:

  • Wet the electrodes’ sponges with normal water from the container supplied
  • Position them to the required part of the body.
  • Fasten the Velcro of your belt.
  • Clean and dry sponges after use.

Below is a list of cases where electrostimulation can cause problems or where its use is not advisable.

  • During menstrual cycle, skin conductivity changes; stimulation could prove less pleasant.
  • Stimulation can cause reddening of the skin where the electrodes are applied, above all in the case of people with very sensitive skin. Such reddening is perfectly normal and usually disappears fairly quickly.
  • Do not apply the electrodes directly on the breasts but rather on the muscles that support the breasts.
  • Do not use in intimate and delicate areas - armpits, groin, knee cavities.
  • Do not use on the abdomen of pregnant women.
  • Do not use TUA 360? on children, pace-maker wearers and people in weak psycho-physical condition or with physiological and organic ailments.
  • Do not use on people with metal prostheses, silicone prostheses or aorta-abdominal bypasses.
  • Do not uses in transthoracic mode to prevent interference with the heart beat.
  • Do not use on people suffering from epilepsy or multiple sclerosis.
  • Do not apply near transplants.
  • Do not apply to persons suffering from tumour syndromes or major neurological illnesses.
  • Do not apply to the face muscles.
  • Do not use on animals.
  • TUA 360° should not be used while driving, operating machinery, or during any activity in which involuntary muscle contractions may put the user at undue risk of injury.


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