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Introducing the new and trendy generation of innovative electrical stimulation 2-in-1 mini gadget – TUA TRE’ND Face & Body.  TUA TRE’ND Face & Body is the latest electro-stimulation gadget that designed for body fitness, as well as included the remarkable electrical stimulation facelift treatment.
TUA TRE’ND Face & Body works on the principle of electro-stimulation, which means electric applied by means of electrodes to the skin, directly on the muscles, which contract rhythmically and thus perform real and true physical exercise.

For the face:

Consist a special patented electrodes with pivoting bases for positioning on the face and neck areas.  The output generates a sinusoid type current at a special frequency designed to provide the best results and offer the best stimulation comfort on delicate face and neck muscles. 

The 5 face programs in TUA TRE’ND are precisely designed and all the work program parameters are already pre-set and timed.

sinusoidal current for stimulating face muscles

5 Programs For The Face

1.Cheekbone: lift / tighten muscles on cheekbone area

2.Sculpt Lower cheek: sculpt lower cheek and tone from the corner of mouth
3.Forehead: temporal region to lift brow area and relax expression lines
4.Chin, Jaw & Neck: tone muscles along chin, jaw and neck
5.Eye Contour: tighten eye contour and reduces under-eye puffiness

For the body

Consist 2 independent outputs which able to control adhesive-gel electrodes ideal for applications on all body areas.  The outputs generate a rectangular-shape biphasic symmetric current, the intensity of which can be regulated directly by the user with precise 1 mA steps.

symmetrical biphasic rectangular current for stimulating body muscles

6 Programs For The Body
1.Slim: slimming fatty areas
2.Tone: toning up and firming body muscles
3.Lipocell: treating cellulites & getting rid of waste substances
4.Mass: building up muscle mass & strength
5.M-Strength: strengthening muscles
6.Relax: relaxing muscles along neck, shoulders and upper spine

TUA TRE'ND Face & Body with Electro-stimulation:

Muscular exercise induced by electro-stimulation is particularly effective because it can be intense and selectively targeted on single muscle groups (something hard to achieve through active physical exercise.  In human beings, muscle contraction is controlled by the central nervous system by means of electro-chemical impulses conveyed through the nervous system.

TUA TRE’ND Face & Body conveys special low-intensity currents to the muscles ad tissues by means of electrodes.  Such currents are controlled and totally safe and are able to cause the passive contraction of muscle fibres and increase the flow of blood in the areas involved.

TUA TRE'ND Face & Body offers the benefits:

  • Lift, firm and tone face and neck muscles
  • Reduce wrinkles, eye bags and double chin; prevent sagging
  • Lift, firm and tone chest, breast and buttocks
  • Slim and tone abdominals and thighs
  • Fight localized cellulite
  • Build muscle mass
  • Add strength to biceps and leg muscles

TUA TRE'ND Face & Body's unit contains:

  • 1 electro-stimulator with 2 outputs
  • 1 kit of 4 adhesive electrodes 35x45
  • 1 kit of 4 adhesive electrodes 40x90
  • 2 leads for electrodes
  • 1 mains adaptor
  • 1 short-form operator manual
  • 1 DVD manual
  • 4 x batteries rechargeable




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