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TUA VISO FDA-approved, patented, easy-to-use hand-held electro-stimulation device designed to exercise your facial muscles to give you a younger looking face in 2 weeks. It is the natural alternative to Botox®.

Do you dislike looking into the mirror and seeing the old you with puffy bags under your eyes, flabby checks, and wrinkles around your eyes and neck?
Are you frustrated with expensive and invasive cosmetic surgeries like Botox®?
Looking for something affordable, effective to reduce sagging, wrinkles and crow’s feet?

Well, look no further, my friend. Let me share with you the secret breakthrough in antiaging that requires no painful and risky surgery, without collagen or Botox® injections, and without spending thousands of your hard earn money in the process. Stop wasting your money on miracle creams that make unbelievable promises. *Study shows that anti-wrinkle creams only reduced the average depth of wrinkles by less than 10 per cent, a change barely visible to the naked eye.

facial muscleExercise your facial muscles to look younger.
You know the old saying, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder?" The truth is it's in the muscle tone that sustains your skin. Over the years the muscles of the face are subject to important changes, bringing out visible damage that can often be of considerable proportions.

Technically, there are at least 30 important facial muscles attached directly below the skins surface. As we age, these muscles become weaker and tend to drag the skin down, making it more difficult for the facial skin covering them to remain elastic. The result is facial wrinkling, along with deep creases, muscle atrophy that cause sagging and eye bags.

By carefully and consistently adhering to doing facial exercises, you will be able to tone and strengthen the facial muscles so that your face becomes more sculpted and younger-looking. However, the vast majority of us cannot move all the muscles most responsible for lifting the facial structure.  This is because there is no conscious neurological connection to these muscles.

Creams are for the surface of the skin. We target the root of the problem. There are many products on the market that offer to help maintain your youth but nothing works quite as well as TUA VISO. This is because it is designed to stimulate and exercise your facial muscles, the area that has the greatest impact on how you look.

TUA VISO is your option for a non-surgical face lift.

TUA VISO -facial Exerciser


Five Ways to Look Younger with TUA VISO:

  1. Prevent and correct loss of facial muscular and skin tone, tightening loose skins
  2. Prevent and reduce wrinkles, fine lines and eye bags
  3. Shape, firm and lift the face and neck
  4. Minimize excess facial fats and double chins
  5. Improve the nutrition of the skin to encourage detoxification, cell replacement, collagen production and better overall appearance

TUA VISO is a FDA-approved, patented, easy-to-use Facial Exerciser designed and manufactured in Italy. It will literally reverse the ageing process of your face by helping to firm, tone and lift your delicate face and neck muscles. By exercising the facial muscles, you can lift & firm your face and reduce wrinkles & sagging naturally to look younger in only 2 weeks!  It is the perfect alternative to costly & dangerous invasive cosmetic procedures such as laser surgery or Botox®.

TUA VISOTUA VISO is an electronic unit for facial gymnastics. The extremely advanced miniaturized electronic circuitry generates trains of sine wave pulses which are specific for delicate facial muscles and indicated by a green LED. Thanks to their particular form and frequency, these waves induce precise muscular exercises without provoking any unpleasant pain. The process is extremely pleasant and relaxing which helps lift, firm, and erase wrinkles and fine lines from your face without surgery or injections.

Working as a do-it-yourself professional anti-aging system, TUA VISO works at the level of less-used facial muscle fibres - significantly increasing their tone and compactness. The sine wave microcurrent technology incorporated by TUA VISO is the same as in-salon non-surgical facial treatments. [More on TUA VISO  Electrostimulation]
Their use in the home permits a regular and even enjoyable practice of “skin training” that promises to give lasting youthfulness to the face reducing wrinkles, fine lines, eye bags, crow’s feet and double chin. All done without pills, injections or surgery.


  • Handy and light-weighted.
  • Powered by normal replaceable battery.
  • No conducting gels or creams are required.
  • Designed and manufactured in Italy
  • Easy to use.
  • Safe. Conform to the most stringent international standards.
  • Features two patented electrodes that only require soft changeable sponges and water.
  • Tested and proven to effectively reduce wrinkles, fine lines, crow’s feet, double chins, sagging and puffy eye bags.

Clinical Study shows that:

  • An independent clinical trial conducted at Bologna University, has shown visible facial lift and redefinition after 10 days of use with TUA VISO.
  • The stimulation was referred as being painless and even pleasant by 2/3 of the women who were involved with the testing.
  • Results also showed that the treatment of facial muscles with electric stimulation is safe and painless.

TUA VISO electrostimulation


TUA VISO generates trains of modulated sinusoidal wave pulses which are specific for your delicate facial muscles. Thanks to their particular form and frequency, these waves induce precise muscular exercises without provoking any unpleasant pain, even at high intensity. These pulses are specially studied for your face’s delicate muscles deep within your skin and you can actually feel it working as muscles contracting in a synchronised rhythm. In fact if placed at the perfect point of the face, you can visibly see the muscle movement. TUA VISO will work on facial muscle that you did not even know you had. 

The intensity of the current produced is adjustable so either very delicate or very intense contractions can be obtained: such contractions are clearly visible and guide us during operation.

What is more, their rhythm has been studied (3-second contractions and equally long intervals) to tone up as quickly as possible: scientific studies have shown that the stimulated muscle already becomes larger after about ten sessions each lasting a few minutes.  

Using electro-stimulation specially studied for the face’s delicate muscle, cells are stimulated into action absorbing more and more of the energy causing the muscles of the face to become progressively stronger and healthier. The pulses will stretch the over-contracted muscles easing the tension and smoothing the skin. Where muscles are excessively relaxed, such as under the eyelids or under the chin, the pulses will selectively contract each muscle and tighten sagging skin.

Electrostimulation has been used in clinics worldwide for more than 40 years.

TUA VISO has special patented VP BOX electrodes. The original spring-loaded domes covered in soft sponge enable practical positioning on any area of the face and delicate contact with the skin; moreover, their operation with water enables immediate use, as there is no need to use any special conductive gels. The VP BOX electrodes are self-moistening and also have their own reservoir containing enough water necessary for a complete treatment session; this avoids having to repeatedly wet the sponge domes; to wet them, just press.

The extractable bayonet-fit rings enable fast replacement of the sponge domes and easy cleaning of the reservoir.

TUA VISO exploits a high-frequency sinusoidal wave current (7500 Hz), which determines a very valid contraction before any troublesome sensation is felt. This way, the stimulation is effective and pleasant.


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