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TUA YOU - Build Muscle Tone, Localised Adiposity, Fight Unsightly Cellulite.

YOU is the most comfortable, effective and intelligent way to model your body . Use YOU to reacquire the right tone without effort and without stealing time from your daily work. Just a few minutes a day, and see the fantastic results. YOU will lift your buttocks, slim your tummy, tone up your breasts, firm your thighs and combat the unsightly effects of cellulite.

YOU incorporates a battery-operated electronic control unit; by means of 2 special patented electrodes which can be moved in any direction, it transmits specific impulses which induce effective, pleasant muscle contraction able to slim, tone up and harden the muscles of the entire body.

YOU utilizes the exclusive patented ROTOFIT® system, a pair of electrodes which can be set in any direction, for perfect positioning on the various muscle groups.


Idea Solution For Combating Loss Of Skin And Muscle Tone, Localised Adiposity, Unsightly Cellulite Problems.

YOU is an electronic unit for passive gymnastics. By means of 2 electrodes placed on the skin, it induces effective, pleasant muscle contractions able to tone up, harden, lift and loosen up the muscles of the entire body.

The battery-operated electronic unit generates electric pulses modulated in square waves specifically studied to obtain precise muscular exercises.

YOU utilizes the exclusive patented ROTOFIT® system, a pair of electrodes which can be set in any direction, for perfect positioning on the various muscle groups, and immediately adapted to suit different body builds.


1. Loss of skin and muscle tone.

The motor/stimulant effect of YOU's pulses produces pleasant contraction of the large muscular fasciae and fine cutaneous fibres.

These involuntary "gymnastics" make the skin firmer and more supple and give consistency, toning up underlying muscles. The visible effects are therefore elimination of relaxation in abdominal, gluteus, inside thigh and breast areas, resulting in muscles with a fuller appearance and firmer, more tonic skin
2. Accentuated adiposity.

The pulses generated by YOU have the effect of reducing excess fat: they are in fact lipolytic, i.e. they accelerate the adipose tissue metabolism.

During a course of treatment, a gradual reduction of the fat pads will be seen (thanks also to improved blood formation), resulting in improved skin appearance and the drainage of built-up liquids.
3. Cellulite.

The use of YOU improves skin appearance in cases of cellulite with adiposity or circulatory stasis.

In fact, the pulses generated favour the drainage of built-up liquids and toxins and improve local circulation and therefore tissue nutrition, as well as increasing the metabolism and the reduction of excess fats.

The visible results are therefore skin with less "orange-peel" effect, less absorbed liquids and less fat pads. The recovery of skin tone will also reduce the dimples and flabbiness typical of cellulite at a more advanced age.
4. Muscle contractions.
The action of the unit in the contracted areas of the body helps improve blood circulation, relaxing tense, inelastic muscles and facilitating a rapid return to neuromuscular normality in that area.


The Patented Rotofit System:

Practical, easy to handle and compact, YOU is very small in size, just take it with you everywhere and use it frequently wherever you like!

rotofit system The simple, total mobility of the system lets you position it perfectly on the various groups of muscles.

The electrodes slide back and forth on their strap, to vary the distance between them.
The support clip which sustains the electrodes pairs can be rotated on its pivot to any angle: it is curved to better adapt to body curves and flexible to better adapt to the flat areas.

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