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XFORMER, Personal Body Optimizer
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XFORMER - Personal Body Optimizer

XFORMER is an electronic unit expressly designed for muscular exercise with the aim of training, firming and toning muscles all over the body and for slimming fatty areas.
It works on the principle of electrostimulation, meaning electric impulses applied by means of electrodes to the skin, directly on the muscles, which contract rhythmically and perform real and true physical exercise.

Wellness the simple way

XFORMER is the only electrostimulator featuring a double unit. This allows two different users to work out together or else a single user to perform two different work programs.

MOB unit

Any program resident in the main unit can be downloaded into the Mob unit, which thus becomes an independent electrostimulator with 2 outputs. Single-intensity adjustment and control of stimulation balance on both channels.

• Dual Unit
• 6 Independant Channels
• 9 Training Programs
• Programming Display
• Double Electrodes

XFORMER is a dual-unit device composed of 1 main unit with 4 outlets and a detachable mobile unit (known as MOB) with 2 outlets that allow it to be applied to 2 users at the same time or, given its reduced dimensions, allow it to be used in the office, in the car, on holiday etc.. Xformer has 6 independent channels, 4 on the base unit and 2 on the MOB, that pilot up to 12 electrodes. It has 10 programmes - 9 work programmes and 1 set-up program, divided into 3 basic categories:
Sport & Fitness, Beauty and Rehab.


XFORMER : Multi Programs in One Unit

XFORMER programs are multi-phase. That is, they begin with a warm-up and preparation to stimulation phase, followed by the work phase itself and a period of muscular relaxation and cooling down. The methods used, the result of in-depth research and scientific experiments carried out by experts, produce the optimum condition for passive muscular exercise and lead to the achievement of remarkable results.

Utmost Ease of Use for your Workout

XFORMER is designed for easy use. In fact, all the work program parameters are already pre-set and the programme required can be simply recalled by push-button. The program will thus be visualized on the display and its intensity can be regulated using the appropriate knob.

The 10 work programs are housed on the main unit but can be “loaded?onto the MOB, which becomes a completely autonomous electrostimulator in its own right. The two units are powered by a rechargeable Ni-Mh battery which is supplied as standard and a battery charger is also supplied. XFORMER is equipped with a double kit of electrodes: 32 gel-adhesive electrodes (2 sizes), and 12 sponge electrodes (which need to be wet with water). XFORMER is safe and complies with the strictest international standards.


XFORMER, Electrostimulation


XFORMER and Electrostimulation

XFORMER is a latest generation electrostimulator expressly designed for muscular exercise with the aim of training, firming and toning muscles all over the body and for slimming fatty areas.

In human beings, muscle contraction is controlled by the central nervous system by means of electro-chemical impulses conveyed through the nervous system. With a sophisticated and absolutely safe electronic circuitry, XFORMER generates specific electrical currents that cause muscle contraction by substituting the impulses generated by the central nervous system. By modifying a series of parameters, such as the frequency and intensity of the impulses, the length of contraction time, recovery time etc., XFORMER allows various programmes to be selected, each used to achieve a different objective. These include the development of muscular strength, aesthetic toning and the reduction of fatty deposits but also the decontraction of traumatized and contracted muscles.

In human beings, skeletal muscle contraction is controlled by the central nervous system by means of electro-chemical impulses. Above is an example of contraction using electrostimulation


Basic Principles of Electrostimulation

Electrostimulation consists in conveying electric impulses by means of electrodes applied to the skin, near muscles, for the purpose of achieving regular contractions practically identical to those obtained by physical exercise.

Electrostimulation applied to the body is simply the integration of normal electrochemical stimulation whereby the brain and nervous system govern the muscles. This process follows the well-known principles that, over recent decades, have achieved a high degree of success and reliability thanks to specialist studies and numerous experimental tests.

The major feature of electrostimulation is that it ensures the targeted exercising of muscles and tissues by means of low voltage electrical currents, controlled by predefined programs according to specific aims.

Another crucial feature is that the conveyed impulses and relevant muscle contractions are completely independent of our own will, though they achieve the same effects as those achieved by repeated impulses sent by the brain.


The Effects of a Current on The Body

The human body has an electrical behaviour with characteristics similar to those of a system featuring conductor and resistance apparatus. The muscles and the nervous system are good conductors of electricity, while the skin and fat layer act as insulators and resist the current. The presence at the same time of tissues that also differ in terms of their electric behaviour creates special conditions for the transit of electrostimulation impulses. For this reason, the application of electric currents to the body produces phenomena that can be summed up in some typical cases.

• This is the major phenomenon in the field of electrostimulation. This is when the electric impulse is able to correctly solicit organic cells, stimulating in particularly, muscle fibres and motoneuron cells, with relevant excitomotory response. Tactile sensitivity receptors, with relevant antalgic response
and also pain receptors (sensitive to impulses but obviously not to be electrically stimulated).
Trophic Effect
• This is an important phenomenon that acts directly at cell and muscle metabolism level. More specifically, the absorption and metabolism capacity of the plastic substances is increased, capillary circulation is stimulated and the re-absorption of oedemas is speeded up. Also speeded up are the healing processes in post-traumatic therapies.
Heat Effect
• A tissue that undergoes electrostimulation tends to heat up when a part of the electric impulse encounters resistance to transit. It is important to remember that this phenomenon can also be encountered at low temperatures and that, in any case, it does not cause any significant increase in body temperature and remains a localized phenomenon.

Advantages of Electrostimulation

Training by electrostimulation provides a number of advantages which, are such as to integrate and partially replace voluntary training. Among these can be included:

Selective stimulation of the muscle group or part of this.
(By positioning the electrodes correctly on the different muscles, a specific stimulation can be achieved of the selected muscle. reducing activity of the adjacent muscles to a minimum.)

Maximum recruitment of muscle fibres.
By setting suitable current intensities, the maximum recruitment of muscle fibres can be obtained, something hard to achieve through voluntary contraction.

Absence of load on joints.
Especially on the spine, where problems in this area often represent a limitation to physical activity in both sedentary and sportspersons.

Absence of general body tiredness.
By using this, users will not experience after-sports extreme body tiredness caused by physical activities.

Rapid progress.
With constant usage of XFORMER, better results are expected.

Main Unit : 4 Outputs, MBO : 2 Outputs

XFORMER is the only electrostimulator featuring double electrode fittings: gel adhesive electrodes (two sizes), very practical for applications on small muscles or hard-to-reach areas and water-sponge electrodes, to be fastened with the elastic straps provided, less practical to apply, but with the big advantage that they do not need replacing and that they are also very useful on very hairy parts of the body.

• 12 rubber electrodes with cellulose sponges D=7,5 cm.
• 6 elastic retention belts with buckles
• 6 electrode leads
• 2 sets of 8 adhesive gel electrodes cm 9x4

• 2 sets of 8 adhesive gel electrodes cm 4,5X3,5


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